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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with New Lantern Advisors?

The cost of our ongoing Comprehensive Wealth Management service is 1% per year of Assets Under Management, plus a one-time $2,500 engagement fee to cover the costs of data gathering and the development of the initial financial plan.

We also offer a portfolio model subscription service to DIY investors which we license to individuals on a per household basis for $375 per quarter. The subscriber is responsible for the implementation of the models we offer.

Do you have an asset minimum?

Yes, in order to effectively serve our Comprehensive Wealth Management clients, we have a $500,000 minimum of investable assets.

Do you offer only Financial Planning or only Investment Management?

The primary service for direct advisory clients is our Comprehensive Wealth Management offering, which includes both financial planning and investment management services because of the intertwined nature of the two. We have extensive investment management experience and that is our greatest strength. Our investment services are very much solution-oriented and thus require deep knowledge of our clients' goals.

We do, however, offer outsourced investment management services to other advisors on behalf of their clients, and that service is tied to the model portfolio subscription service mentioned above.

How do you get paid?

We get paid fees by our clients and we work only for our clients. We do not sell insurance or investment products and we receive no commissions from any third parties. 

Do you meet with clients in person or virtually?

We have found that our clients generally prefer to meet virtually. From time to time, we do meet with clients in person, but we prefer to meet virtually as well. It also allows us to work with clients across the US, not only in our local area.

You mention on this website that you are a "fiduciary". What does that mean?

The simplest explanation is that we are legally and ethically bound to act in the best interests of our clients. We do not sell investment products or insurance. We provide financial planning and investment management services to our clients and are paid only by our clients. We work for you and no one else. Abiding by the fiduciary standard is also a requirement to maintain our certification as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ or CFP®. You can read more about the CFP's Fiduciary Standard requirements at

Is my money safe if I invest with New Lantern Advisors?

Our third-party custodian is Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

A custodian is a company that is responsible for the execution, clearance, and settlement of securities transactions; the preparation and distribution of account statements and transaction confirmations; and the custody (safe keeping), receipt, and delivery of funds and securities.

Why did we choose Schwab to be our custodian? 

You can feel confident that much of the critical trade processing, clearance, client reporting, and systems work that backs your NLA investment professional is performed by an industry leader. Schwab processes tens of thousands of transactions for millions of investors like you every day.

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